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Is your PR Consultant delivering? Seven Questions to Help You Decide

question-markIt can be difficult to decide whether your PR Consultant really is delivering. How can you tell if you are maximising your PR?  Here’s seven questions you could ask yourself.  The answers should help you decide.

Do you spend too much time re-writing press releases because your consultant does not properly understand what you do?   Up to one third of property and professional services marketing contacts do not believe that their current PR consultant has a sufficiently high level of understanding about their business.*

Is your PR consultant making use of all your deals, new instructions, market reports, opinions and people news for press releases? These should be the basics of any PR campaign.

Does your consultant alert you to other opportunities and come up with new ideas? Such as contributions to features, market overviews, clever use of images.

Are your press releases being used in your key target media and leveraged on social media? Does your consultant send you media coverage and monitor your social media impacts?

Is you media coverage achieving the results you desired? This may be increased awareness (more visits to your website and feedback from clients and contacts), more sales enquiries and more new instructions.  If you are not monitoring and measuring the results, then how do you know if your spend on PR is worthwhile?

Do you enjoy working with your PR consultant? Are they pro-active and helpful, prepared to ‘go the extra mile’, or are they negative and defensive about their work and results.

If you had to choose a PR consultant tomorrow, would you still pick your incumbent? Consultants can change, briefs can change and marketing contacts can change, all of which can affect the working relationship and the effectiveness of your PR.

* Reay Public Relations survey of professional services and property marketing managers in 2015.

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